Texas Tea

Texas Tea Slots

Texas Tea is a 5-reel, 9-payline online slots game, featuring barrels of bonus game excitement that will keep your heart pumping.

As the name suggests, this online casino game has an oil theme Texas-style. It is a gusher of a game featuring Texas-style reel graphic symbols such as: the Yellow Rose, Blue Bonnet, Buttercup and Barrel Cactus Flowers. Other related symbols include the characters Texas Ted and his armadillo from Amarillo, a Texas bull as well as the Texas oil industry’s status symbols like Ted’s corporate jet and his Longhorn Cadillac.

The game is loosely based on the popular television show of the 1980s, Dallas.

You have the option of playing different amounts from 5p to £5 per credit and can bet 1-5 credits on each payline, with the maximum bet per spin being 45 credits.


Play Texas Tea

If you get three Texas Ted symbols anywhere on the reels then this enters you into the “Oil Dividend Bonus.” Get four or five Texas Ted symbols and the bonus is worth even more. You don’t have to do anything in this bonus feature just sit back and let Texas Ted write you an oil dividend cheque. Your oil dividend cheque is a multiple of the bet you placed whilst triggering the bonus. The larger your total bet, the larger your oil dividend bonus.


Play Texas Tea

If you get three oil derrick symbols on a wagered payline you earn the “Big Oil” bonus. The bonus is bigger if you get four or five oil derrick symbols across a wagered payline. When the bonus has been triggered you are in for a treat of some stunning sound-effects and amazing graphics. The screen shakes, rumbles and gushes geysers of oil as it changes to a map of the state of Texas divided into eight different regions. Texas Ted then prompts you to make a choice of the regions you want to place the oil derricks. The amount of oil derrick symbols you got to earn the “Big Oil” bonus determines how many oil derricks you have to place. Only one oil derrick can be placed per region. You can also change your mind about which region you wish to place your oil derrick by clicking on the region again to remove the oil derrick then choose another region. After placing your final oil derrick, oil will then spurt from each of your derricks, starting and stopping at times, while increasing your bonus awards. Your oil derrick awards are multiples of your bonus triggering line bet. The sum of all your oil derrick awards is your total bonus pay. At the end of the bonus, Texas Ted celebrates your newly found riches!

Texas Tea Player's Review

Betty Pandora says:

Texas, The Lone Star State, home of oilmen, cattle and erm armadillos apparently!

This might not be the most varied of the slots games out there but it is still barrels of fun, the graphics are bright and colourful and the animations cartoony and quirky. The gameplay is straight forward enough, no weird combinations of symbols to win, just match two or more and sit back and watch your coins rise quicker then petrol prices.

I thought I was dreaming in the shower when I hit oil three times on a win line and won 100x my original stake; at this rate I'll be J R Ewing before Tea Time.


If you win an award up to 3000 credits you have the chance to gamble your winnings in a round of double or nothing. In order to gamble your award, click the GAMBLE button after a win. A deck of cards will then be displayed consisting of an equal number of red and black aces. Click RED or BLACK to determine which colour ace you think will be chosen. Guess correctly and you double your winnings! Guess incorrectly and the round is over. If you win 5 gambles in a row in the same Gamble round, or if a Gamble award is 3000 credits or more, then the Gamble round is also finished.


The Texas Tea online slot game brings the experience of Las Vegas to your home. Texas Tea started out as a slot machine in the casinos of Las Vegas. It proved extremely successful as many players were attracted to play the game. Its popularity soon caught on outside Las Vegas and in the last few years you should find it in every casino you go to as it has become the most popular casino slots game. The online version takes nothing away from the casino version.


So what are you waiting for? Make your oil fortune with Texas Tea online slots game and have a barrel of fun.

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